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Medical Training Center MCS Karaś

Karaś Medical Training Center.
The best place in Poland to level up
your dental skills using magnification.

We can provide all kind of workshops in the area of the restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and endodontics with many professional trainers from Poland. While we organize the workshop for foreign participants we can support you also with the journey, accomodation and additional trips or needs. Our facility is located in close proximity to Wrocław, 10 km from the airport.
We can also rent the training center for all kind of workshops which requires microscope magnification and help you to set your own lectures and workshops in our training center.

training room in mtc karas

Major equipment

  • Laser projector with aprox. 4 meters wide screen
  • 13 stations (lecturer/ trainer and 12 participants)
  • Zumax 2350 microscopes with HD integrated camera with 27’ monitor, Vario Dist Lens (190-300mm)  
  • Eigheeth E-connect-S endodontic handpiece
  • Eigheeth FastPack and FastFill warm guttapercha obturation system
  • Eighteeth UltraMint Pro ultrasonic scaler
  • Eighteeth Curing Pen
  • Electric motor with 1:5 contraangle handpiece

The modern training room

he training room is spacious (65m²) and it’s focused and prepared for all the branches of dentistry which use the magnification. The only place in Poland where all the microscopes are equipped in the integrated HD camera connected to the screen which allows the trainer to control all the steps of each participant during their work.

The most popular trainings we provide

  • introduction to the endodontics in magnification 
  • advanced retreatment strategies 
  • endodontic complications such as broken files and perforations 
  • flow injection techniques
  • direct and indirect restorations in the posterior region

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Organize your training in comfortable conditions. We have modern equipment, spacious interiors and excellent training facilities.

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